Home sweet home!

So here we are back in London and facing reality. We have no money, Al has no job and we have no great wish to be back to normal life!!

Our final leg of the journey was a trip to Belfast to visit as many family and friends as we could in 3 days. My Dad was a complete star and found a place that would store the caravan, for free, near his house, thanks Dad. It felt very strange unhooking and then driving away, knowing it would be for longer than 1 night, packing was tricky as we were leaving our wardrobe on wheels behind!

Dot was very excited to see the bath in her Nanny and Grandpa’s house, the easiest time we have ever had getting her to wash! And one of the first showers I have had without her in the 6 months, heaven.

At my Dad and Linda’s house it was fab to arrive and find my Aunt, Uncle, his wife, my brother, my step-brother and family, my step-sister and family and of course my Mum and Mal all there to celebrate our return. In fact it was Mona's 40th too (my step sister) so we can’t take all the credit!

It was a lovely sunny afternoon to catch up, drink fizz and enjoy the fabulous view out over Belfast Lough. That night was yet another celebration, hanging out at a cool 70’s Funk night, in the style of Phoenix Nights, organised by a good friend of mine. We jazzed ourselves up and danced the night away! I even managed to persuade Al to throw some shapes on the floor.

Our last day was yet another triumph in organisation. I managed to catch up with all my best friends in one space at a Family Fun Day. It was so great to see Dave, Gary, Scott, Hutchie and Joy as well as all their partners and children. Just to top it off my Dad arrived with Dot’s 4 cousins. Again the sun shone and a great time was had, including Dad being pelted with sponges by his grandchildren, who seemed to be enjoying it far too much!!!

Finally we went back to pick up Luna, who seemed to have enjoyed her wee rest. We hooked up, like old pros, Dad was amazed how efficient we were, and onto the ferry for our final big trip. It all seemed an age away from our nervous start as we drove onto the train 6 months ago, unsure about absolutely everything.

A smooth crossing and an early start saw us back on the road for our longest drive of the whole trip. Britain seemed to come out in force to make us feel that we were making the wrong decision by returning to England. Traffic jam after traffic jam, pouring rain, roadworks and sadness made it the journey from hell, only made better by the smiling face of The Darke Family as we drove into Quex Caravan Park to transfer our lives back into the static caravan. We thought a quick hour would have the job done, but were only sitting down to some fizz 4 hours later!

Back in London the sun shone for our welcome back BBQ, and 60 people packed into the house and garden for a beer, a burger and a welcome back chat. It was great to see everyone again.

Dot was looking forward to seeing her friends and going back to School - just 24 hours after arriving back in London she was putting on her new uniform and heading back to a full-size classroom.

And that’s it!

The Lunar is now back on its stand in Whitstable and up for sale! We are back in London and trying to settle. Al is attending endless interviews. Dot is joining a million clubs and I am the main bread winner for now, wishing I still had so much time on my hands! What an adventure we have had. One of the most amazing things we have ever done. If you have the urge to travel and experience a whole new way of life, do it!

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