Kissing the Blarney Stone

It was sad to say goodbye to Stanley and Flora, but at least I knew I would be seeing them again soon. We got the ferry from Brittany, and it was a big one, nine stories high, with a swimming-pool! In the evening there was a show with a singer and two magicians. I got a seat right at the front and watched as he cut an acrobatic lady into three pieces and more! It was incredible. Our room was cool, my bunk came down from the ceiling and it was scary as it had no rail.

I was worried that I was going to freeze in Ireland, but when we arrived in Cork the sun was shining. We parked the caravan and went shopping in the centre. Daddy went for a walk and me and mummy shopped for ages – it was great. I got a cardigan, a denim shirt, and a woollen dress in Dulwich Hamlet stripes (Dad was chuffed). Best of all I got a beautiful dress for Auntie Jenny’s wedding in October. For our first tea in Ireland we had a Chinese takeaway – our first in five months. It was yummy.

The next day we went to kiss the Blarney Stone. There was a tower and once we had climbed to the top you had to lie down and put your head in the gap in the wall and kiss the stone. A sturdy man was there to hold you to stop you falling backwards.

Also at the castle was a really cool Poison Garden, and we saw two things from Harry Potter – Mandrakes, which squeal when you pick them, and Wolfsbane. There were signs up saying DO NOT TOUCH, EAT OR SMELL OR YOU WILL DIE!

By lunchtime the rain had started. It poured and poured all day and all night long. We had to pack away all our summer clothes and get out our jeans, hoodies and waterproof jackets. The next day we moved to Beara. The rain didn’t stop all day, and we thought the wind was going to blow the caravan over. We went to visit a harbour where my Grandad had done the engineering work, and saw Ireland’s only cable car.

The next day it was still raining and I wanted to stay in the caravan playing Minecraft but Mummy and Dad made me go for another drive. We went to Mizen Head where the views are supposed to be amazing but we couldn’t see a thing as it was so foggy. I thought Mummy was mad when she stopped the car and said we were going for a swim but she popped on her wetsuit and jumped in the sea. Me and Dad went in too and it was freezing and we had to get changed in the rain.

Hopefully tomorrow the sun will come out…

Hurrah! It did!

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