A week in Provence

We've spent the last week in Plan-de-la-Tour, in the hills behind St Maxime and St Tropez, in a campsite near to our friends Jill & Steve's holiday house. We were also joined for a few days by Francesca and her daughter Lily who were across from Thailand in Europe for their summer holidays.

Jill and Steve have two children - Charlie (7) and Rebecca (4). Also in town were Jill's parents from Belfast, and her brother and family, from Vancouver. A truly international gathering!

Here's what Dot (D), Charlie (C) and Rebecca (R) thought about the week...

What was the best things that happened this week?

C - We went to the water park and one of the slides had a big dip in it where you went down and up R - Jumping in the swimming pool!

D - Exploring with Lily at the campsite and we found blood on a rock

C - We went to the village one evening and there was a band and dancing. There had a violin, drums, guitar and a singer

R - Doing drawing in my room with Dot and my cousin Maya

D - At the water park there was one slide which went straight down and one that you went down with three people in a big green paddling pool

R - Dancing round and round in the square with my cousin Liam

C - Playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii with Liam. I am really good a fighting baddies and I won.

What were mummy and daddy's favourite things this week?

D - Drinking champagne at the pool*

C - Drinking beer and wine

R - My mummy likes colouring

What was not so good about the week?

C - I didn't like it when I had to do laps in the pool. I had to do 32 before I was allowed to play on the Wii.

R - I didn't like playing Dalmations

D - Lily going home because I like her company and I only see her once a year

What did you think of the caravan site?

C - I liked the caravan. I wanted to stay the night so I could sleep on the bunk beds

D - Our campsite was nice, it was in a vineyard and it had a little stream running past the caravan

C - One of my favourite things was going for a dip in the stream to cool down. I didnt have my trunks so I had to go in nudey!

What has the weather been like?

D - It's been really hot, so we can go in the pool lots, and the water park, and the beach.

C - We needed the fan on to keep us cool. I was moaning because it was so hot!

D - Last night it was so windy the caravan almost blew over! Daddy had to get up and take the awning down at 5am.

* We don't drink champagne all the time, honest! We were celebrating because Jill's brother Mike had just sealed a big deal.

** Thanks Francesca for taking lots of fab photos (and for making Dot look like a model)

We've now got 16 hours of caravan-towing to get to Roscoff on Friday to get the boat to Cork. Shouldn't be a problem in 5 days, should it?

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