Indiana Jones and the Cave of Darkness

We are now on our way back to Patras to get the ferry back to Italy. We stopped at a site called Navarino Beach which we passed six weeks ago going in the other direction. It had a nice beach but also a busy road running past it! We didn’t get a very good sleep and we were all grumpy the next day.

While we were there we went to visit a beach which Mummy said was voted by the New York Times as one of the top ten in the whole world. It was beautiful, a perfect small crescent of sand with big rocks at each side. The water was turquoise and the sun was boiling.

From the sand me and Daddy saw a huge cave in the mountain above the beach. We decided to come back the next day and try and climb up to it. We packed our torches, some cold water and cola bottles and set off. Mummy stayed on the beach to sunbathe.We picked up some strong sticks to help us up the hill, and I pretended that Daddy was Indy and I was Short Round. Mum was Willie –scared of the snakes and creepy crawlies that were lurking in the long grass.

Once we got up the steep bit we took a wrong turn and ended up in spiky bushes. When we looked up there were huge spiders in giant webs strung between the trees. We quickly turned back and were about to give up when we saw another small path which took us all the way up to the cave.

From the top the view was incredible. We could see mummy sizzling on the beach like a small pink sausage. We had some water and cola bottles before going into the cave with our torches. Once we were through the opening we found it was a big, big cave with a high ceiling. It was very dark, just like something out of Indiana Jones. On the ground were lots of funnel-shaped webs which freaked Dad out when he saw them. Luckily the spiders stayed hidden.

We raced back down the hill, with the sun on our faces, ready for a swim in sea.


Some bonus pics of Navarino:

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