More views from the top bunk!

Hello every body I am back to doing the blog. Hope you all had a good easter.

I will be telling you about our last two camp sites.

First I will be telling you about a camp site called Camping Europa in Cavallino. After a long drive, watching The Sound of Music and Harry Potter, we got to Camping Europa. It was the first campsite where everything has been open, including swimming pools and restaurant.

On the first day we met a guy from Australia, called Poz, he was balancing on a slackline opposite us. I went up to him and asked if I could have a go. He was very funny and kind. The next day we woke up to find Poz outside our caravan, tightening the slackline round our two trees. He and his wife were going out for the day and left it for me to practise.

While I was outside practising my ‘Gibbon’ pose a little girl the same age as me, from the camper next to us, came and asked if she could have a go. Her name was Melissa and she was from Austria. We became good friends and she let me practise my German. I can now count to 11 in German.

Next we headed to Croatia. We got stopped at the border by a very angry patrol man. I had to clamber into the caravan to find our passports. Mum and Dad were angry too because he was really rude.

Now we are staying right by the sea in Camping Porto Sole, Vrsar, it is 10m from our door to the crystal, clear, sparkling sea! On our first day Mum and I went snorkelling in our wetsuits. The water was so cold we couldn’t keep our faces under for more than 30 seconds, we saw anenomes and a rock fish.

Two days ago we visited the nearby town of Porec, Dad was in search of a hairdresser (the 'frizzer'!). We all ended up having our hair cut at the barbers. Mine is the shortest its ever been, its even shorter than Ethans! Mummy said it’s the cheapest haircut we have ever had, £16 for all of us!

At lunch I had great fun playing on a security parking bollard, which went up and down on sensors. Every time it went down I ran over and stood on it as it rose.

Yesterday we went on a boat trip from Vrsar to Rovinj (Little Venice) When we stopped at Rovinj we walked through tiny, cobbled alleyways to get to the tallest tower ( Daddys plan of course!)

We all set off up the tower, including Mummy, even though she hates heights. I was really scared because the stairs were so old, wooden, rickety and very crooked. Mummy had to turn back a third of the way up because she was shaking and sweating! I managed to keep going by singing ‘Raindrops on Roses’.

Lunch on the boat was delicious, freshly caught, barbequed mackerel, I ate the fish eyes and mummy showed me how to de-bone the fish. Daddy took ages to eat his because he was scared of the bones, what a wuss. Everyone on the boat was laughing at me because I went to get mummy some wine and they thought it was for me! We saw the Lim Fjord and a famous pirates cave!

Bye for now, Dot xox

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