I amsterdam!

On the camp site it is nice and there are lots of goats and chickens.

A chicken tried to attack me but I ran back to the caravan before it got me!

The site is on an island, and huge long ships go rumbling past our caravan. Some boats are so fully laden it looks like they might sink. One ships captain had even brought his car with him on the boat. I think the caravan is famous because when we walk over the bridge you can see it.

Getting around in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam lots of people get around by bikes or the tram. The tram is basically a train that goes on the road so you have to be even more careful crossing the road!

There are lots of canals in Amsterdam and sometimes when the boats go under the bridges it looks like they are about to crash.

As we walked around I saw lots and lots and lots of bikes - I've never seen so many! Some people were even using their bikes to tour the city.

I amsterdam

I Amsterdam is a set of gigantic letters in the centre of Amsterdam outside the Art Gallery.

It was great fun because you could climb on the letters. Dad helped me get up onto the letter 'a' in 'dam'. It was very busy with people taking photos.

Anne Frank's House

Anne Frank's house is a very popular tourist destination as we discovered on the first day. When we rounded the corner there was a huge queue creeping all the way round the building.

Today we were determined to get there before everyone else which meant setting our alarm clock and travelling in early.

It was very emotional, Anne went into hiding for two years with her family and friends. They were betrayed and captured by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp. Anne died of typhoid just 4 weeks before the end of the war. Mummy was moved to tears.

Games I have learnt

I have learnt a few new games on our trip but my favourite so far is chess. We visited the Chess Museum and a man showed us lots of different chess sets from history. My favourites were made of glass. He also taught me some new moves using a computer.

Outside men were gathered around a giant chess board playing games in the sunshine.

Today was our last day in Amsterdam and tomorrow we are off to the biggest campsite in the whole of Germany! Here is a selection of photos from our time in the Netherlands.

Bye for now, Dot.

PS Dad says thanks to the people at amsterdamtourist.info for their tips on things to see and do in Amsterdam.

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